A Contract Signed between IBCC and Red Marker


A Contract Signed between IBCC and Red Marker to Digitalize Educational Boards All over the Country.

An agreement has been contracted between the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen and a private firm Red Marker to offer a digital foundation to education boards all over the country. The private firm will provide free services to education boards across the nation for one year.


Red Marker will enable education boards not only to digitally create papers but also to check them on digital basis by sharing their software based on modern lines, said IBCC Secretary Dr. Ghulam Ali while speaking the signing observance. He said that since the 18th Amendment, educational institutions have been adopting their own policies.

Under the agreement, Red Marker has pledged to ensure free services to 28 education boards across the country for one year, directly benefiting the 6 million children who pass the ninth to twelfth examinations each year. CEO Red Marker Ghul Zeba said that his firm has already provided services to various government agencies.

Red Marker

Red Marker has completed two pilot projects with Peshawar Board and also provided services to PTCL under the agreement. We want to digitize education boards across the country through IBCC for which we have capable manpower, modern systems and software.

It is a tragedy that we in Pakistan now pay attention to this.  While the world has digitized its institutions, the use of modern technology can save us time and money. The shortage of digital reformers was acutely felt around the world during the epidemic and we have now come up with a solution.

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