KASHMIR DAY | Youm-e-Yakjehti-e-Kashmir

Every day has been a Kashmir Solidarity Day in Pakistan since Narendra Modi has peeled Jammu and Kashmir off its status that had been given according to Article 370. (this article was added in Indian constitution in 1949)

Since 1990, 5th February is observed as a national holiday to express solidarity and support with the people of Occupied Kashmir for their freedom. Youm-e-Yakjehti-e-Kashmir is a day of objection in contradiction of Indian regulation.



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In the northern part of sub-continent, lies Kashmir, formerly a princely state in British rule, with its scenic attractiveness. During partition, Kashmir was divided amongst China, India and Pakistan as Aksai Chin, Jammu and Kashmir, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan respectively.

It led to hostility and violence between Pakistan and India. It has been considered as a primary subject in Pakistan and India that directed to three battles – in 1947, 1965, 1999.


Across Pakistan, all government and private offices remain closed on 5th February. The idea of a non-working day was proposed in 1990 by Jamaat-e-Islami. The day was then declared as a national holiday by Pakistan People’s Party. In honor of the sacrifices made by Kashmiris, a 1-minute silence is observed.

New songs, violent speeches and pompous statements are made by ministers. On a major route, from Pakistan to Kashmir, a human chain is shaped along with rallies, speeches and marches.

But this Muslim-majority area has just got poorer with each passing day. Narendr Modi’s brutal mind arises fresh miseries. Freedom fighters set aside, there are many innocent lives have been taken by Indian forces. Reporters have always been imprisoned in charges of exposing the government of India.



In a valued polling, 10% of Kashmiris wanted to be free, 40% voted to be a part of India while 50% wanted to be with Pakistan. This mixed and intricate result imposed a deadlock and ended.

Seeing the brutality of Indian forces, the future of Kashmir is very unclear. Each one of us wishes the Kashmir issue to be resolved. But observing all the situation, it can be concluded that the world must interfere and mediate the dialogue.

Every year, we are reassured that Kashmir banay ga Pakistan. But this solidarity day passes by as any other holiday, bombed by our messages “KASHMIRIS ARE NOT ALONE IN THEIR STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM, EVERY PAKISTANI IS WITH THEM”.

There is no moment of silence. We get the Kashmir Day Sales at almost all brands. But we are neglecting the real idea of this Solidarity Day.

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