Murree Incident

source: Dunya News

At least 19 tourists were hit by extreme weather during a snowstorm in a tragic incident in Murree on Friday night, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Saturday. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded in Murree while more than 23,000 vehicles were rescued, according to the minister who arrived in Murree to oversee rescue operations.

The tragic Murree incident became known after several posts and videos about it became widespread on social media. Many expressed sadness for using Twitter to lose innocent people, while others criticized the authorities for not saving tourists in time. However, many twitter have blamed people for sharing tragic videos from tourist destinations.

Soldiers rescued people from at least 24,000 vehicles stuck in heavy snow near the summer resort town of Murree, officials said. The other snow-covered driver and his passengers were given blankets and food. “Where machines are not available, troops have been relocated, blocking traffic and opening roads,” a Pakistani military statement said.

source: The Print

Rescue workers said victims were found dead in their cars, some may have died overnight from carbon monoxide poisoning. The dead included a family with four daughters and two sons, all under the age of 15. Private cars should be completely blocked at the entrance to Murree to properly manage the parking space and avoid traffic jams.

Full-scale intervention should be deliberately designed for powerful vehicles and roller coasters to fully respond to emergencies such as extreme weather conditions and snowstorms. This allows more people to go and enjoy without running away.

Murree hotels and restaurants are no longer aware of the need for a satisfactory starting price. They also overpay their customers and do not pay taxes regularly. To make matters worse, most people mistakenly raise prices when it becomes difficult for tourists to travel to this week’s event.

source: Dawn News

The government has extended rigorous requirements tracking and enforcement systems, such as consumer identification systems that comply with customer reviews and evaluate properties as being compliant with specific food and sleep requirements, and these organizations operate. You need to pay taxes to be able to do it.

We have to learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating mistakes in future. Parking During high season or bank holidays, Murree was expected to handle more than 100,000 vehicles in approximately 5,000 parking spaces. Authorities need to expend large parking lots near Sunny Bank, Jikagari, Musiari Village, Kurdana, Banslagari, and more.

Day trips should be allowed to take advantage of several types of green electric cars, from parking lots to Murree, which is very convenient. Traffic with rules for booking a resort for the day should continue in the direction of the Murree municipality. This is another need to deal with the seriousness of Murree traffic crisis.

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