Omicron Variant

Omicron Variant
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Is Omicron more transmissible? Is it more severe? How can we guard ourselves?

In episode # 63 of Science conversation, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove has updated us about the transmissibility, severity and protection against the new variant-Omicron.

Is Omicron more transmissible?

In response to a question about Omicron’s transmissibility, she said that we are facing an amplified development of Omicron as compared to previous variants. And by this we know that Omicron has a growth advantage above Delta variant.

Is Omicron more severe?

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove has updated us with the severity of Omicron that, we can see everything ranging from a mild infection, hospitalization and also death of the people due to Omicron. Initially, we had the reports that suggested Omicron to be less severe. But there is no change in its symptoms. So, it is difficult to tell the difference.

What can we do to keep ourselves safe?

The first finest thing we can make sure of to keep ourselves safe is to get vaccinated. Furthermore, we can lessen our contact and exposure to the Omicron virus. Adopt these simple procedures: wear a clean mask, avoid gatherings, maintain distance, and improve ventilation.


  • All those zinc supplements and vitamins such as vitamin D, C that have been used by people against Covid-19, are threatening for their effective immunity. Presently, there is no direction to use these micronutrients as Covid-19 treatment.

  • There is a very low probability of the virus being spread through shoes. But leaving your shoes outside will assist to avoid any waste or dirt with the soles.

  • There is presently no medication issued to treat Covid-19. Antibiotics are not effective and should not be used against Covid-19, as it is caused by a virus and not by any bacteria. An antibiotic may be suggested in case of any bacterial complication developed alongside Covid-19 i.e. co-infection.

  • Medical masks do not cause oxygen deficiency. It might be uncomfortable to wear medical masks, but make sure that it properly fits on your face. It is not advisable to wear a used mask. Dispose it off when it gets damp. 

  • Thermal scanners cannot tell if you have caught Covid-19. They can detect fever that can be due to any other cause.

  • Hot peppers added to your food cannot prevent Covid-19. It is required to stay hydrated, active, have a healthy balanced diet and sleep well.

  • Higher temperatures do not protect you from Covid-19, but clean hands do. Getting sun-exposure won’t guard you against Covid-19. Hot and humid countries do report Covid-19 cases.

  • Your mobile networks have no hand in spreading Covid-19 as viruses don’t need any radio waves to get transmitted. Covid-19 is being spread with the respiratory droplets of an infected person.

This was an Omicron variant update. We’ll make it accessible to you as soon as more evidence and facts come in. Till then, keep yourself safe and healthy!

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