Petrol Prices Raised By Rs. 2 Per Liter in Pakistan

petrol prices
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Pakistan Petrol Prices

On Wednesday the federal government expanded petroleum costs by Rs. 2 for each liter and High Speed ​​Diesel by Rs. 1.44 per liter in the initial 15 days of July.

The government has likewise expanded the costs of Kerosene Oil by Rs. 3.86 per liter and Light Diesel Oil by Rs. 3.72 per liter, a proclamation gave by the Finance Division on Wednesday.

To give more noteworthy relief to consumers the government has kept up with the act of keeping reasonable fuel costs, the assertion said.

OGRA has been recognizing a huge expansion in Petroleum item costs since May 1, 2021, which agreed with an increment in the cost of oil based goods in global business sectors.

petrol prices
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Nonetheless, taking into account the prosperity of the overall population, the public authority has recognized the effect of this expansion by making changes in deals expenses and fuel burdens, the money service said.

As of now, petroleum charge rates are the most minimal over the most recent six years. For the monetary year 2020-21, the government has dispensed Rs. 252.41 billion appropriations to customers by keeping low fuel charge rates contrasted with the planned Rs. 30/liter for all items.

petrol prices
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It is likewise significant that contrasted with our local neighbors, the Pakistani Government gives petroleum and Diesel at low rates, the money service said.

On 28th June 2021 the cost of petroleum in Pakistan was Rs 110.6 a liter, which was Rs 214.10 per liter in India, Rs 165.8 in Bangladesh, Rs 146.1 in Sri Lanka, Rs 181.6 in China, Rs 169.1 in Nepal, 145.7 in Bhuttan.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA)

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had suggested the government that increase petroleum costs by Rs 6.05 per liter and High Speed ​​Diesel by Rs 3.44 per liter without precedent for about fourteen days in July.

In a report submitted to the Petroleum Division (Ministry of Energy) finance division, OGRA proposed a cost increment for practically all oil based commodities. The Ogra estimations depended on the current Petroleum Levy of Rs 3.61 per liter and Rs 2.97 per liter on High Speed ​​Diesel and Petrol individually.

petrol prices
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Following the increment in the new cost of petroleum it will increase from Rs 110.69 a liter accessible to Rs 112.69 and the High Speed ​​Diesel will increment from the current Rs 112.55 per liter to 113.99 a liter.

Additionally, the cost of lamp fuel will increase from Rs 85.75 per liter from Rs 81.89 per liter and LDO will increment from the current Rs 79.68 to Rs 83.40 per liter. New costs will be powerful from July 1 to July 15.

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