PITB to Automate IT System to Assist Almost 9 Million Farmers

PITB - Punjab Information technology board

PITB to Automate Contemporary IT System For The Digital Provision of Fundamental Assistance to Almost 9 Million Farmers

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), and the Punjab government’s Livestock and Dairy Development department (R and DD) has consented to an arrangement to improve the Performance Management System set up, which is known as the SPMS 9211 System, at a service held at Arfa Software Technology Park.

As indicated by the understanding, the PITB will expand its help of the ICT framework, reusing, and overhaul the framework SPMS 9211 rebuilding and extension, with the assistance of the Android OS and applications, just as in mechanization and detailing, examination, and different segments of the framework.

The SPMS 9211 framework is a multi-channel network for information to be ready for rancher government assistance, which implies that you can offer an assortment of administrations, like the patio of the enrollment, and the sickness of the admonitions, and the finding, Treatment, planned impregnation, Vaccination, Ticket Management, Interaction Center, Performance Monitoring, Vehicle Tracking, Supply Chain Management, Cold Chain Management, store Management, and Geo-labeling.

PITB - Punjab Information technology board
Source: TechJuice.pk

Talking on the event, the Punjab Minister for Education, preparing, and technology-Raja Yasser Humayun Sarfraz said, “The Punjab Government is attempting to improve the management of information and correspondence technology drives. The reproduction of the SPMS 9211-the framework is a stage towards the recuperation of the help, of the L&DD for the laborers. “

PITB - Punjab Information technology board
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Year, the Minister of state for animal Husbandry, Agriculture, and the Development of the Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dreshak, said: “The SPMS 9211 framework, covering the government assistance of the 9 million ranchers. The computerization of the framework is to improve the nature of administrations gave and the effectiveness of the office.”

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