PM Imran Khan to Inaugurate Pakistan’s First National Emergency Helpline

PM Imran Khan
Photo Courtesy: PM’s twitter A/c

Pakistan’s First National Emergency Helpline

Prime minister Imran Khan is probably going to inaugurate the country’s first national 911 emergency helpline, on the 25th of July.

This is supposed to be the last open day of a multi-billion-dollar framework, which is known as Pakistan’s Emergency Help Line (PEHL), which consolidates all the emergency numbers in 911. The Prime Minister’s Secretariat adopted this concept from USA’s 911 helpline and proposed the scheme ‘PEHL’ a national identity.

PM Imran Khan
Source: Twitter Acc “Prime Minister’s Office”

The push to build up a national helpline began after the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway rape case, in which a woman needed to go through the experience couldn’t adapt to any sort of help courses or a way to contact the government departments due to ‘jurisdiction dispute’.

In September of last year, a woman was raped in front of her kids, which prompted Prime minister Imran Khan to launch Pakistan’s first toll-free helpline, which will manage the occupants of every province, to keep comparative occurrences from happening later on.

PM Imran Khan

During the examination of a gang-rape incident, it worked out that large numbers of the lines were in activity simultaneously, nonetheless, people were confused about which one to go for in any particular area to seek emergency help from the concerned department.

The National Highways, Motorway Police department and the Lahore Police department were also at variance while identifying about the area of the jurisdiction where the criminal offense was carried out.

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