Punjab Government to Digitalize Nikkah Registration System

The Punjab government has chosen to digitize the Nikkah, the region of the framework for the enrollment of the following month, to dispense with the bogus marriage testament, and the opposition of the enlistment, which depends on the bogus witnesses. All through the world, marriage is an agreement, of the crucial components that you have to bring to the table, the acknowledgment and remember, so it resembles a pre-marital understanding will require a sensible observer, who might it be conceivable on account of the Movie, is the digitization of the area.

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As per the new computer based framework for the enrollment of a marriage, a common marriage, the enlistment should be eliminated, and an ID, will likewise be pertinent to be associated with the primary Database of the System, and the Registration Authority (NADRA). To this end, the common government has chosen to give preparing and schooling to the entirety of the agents when the marriage is enlisted, and eventually for them to be knowledgeable about request to have the option to utilize a program symbol.

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Each registrar will be allotted a different account, to gather the charges. In the event that an individual has not paid an expense for a marriage then second marriage cannot occur. The marriage fee will be credited to the relevant account of the local government department from the marriage registrar’s SIM. The ID cards and thumbprints of the witnesses will also be scanned.

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The witnesses will be brought, that the refusal to affirm on the confirmation of the ID card, and the finger prints match the Nadra framework. The registrar will likewise need to snap a photo of the groom at the time of nikkah which he will submit to Nadra. In the event that the groom is an outlaw from equity, or is up to speed in a criminal case, he is promptly captured, as the execution will permit the pictures associated with the data set of Nadra.

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